Alopecia / Susan’s Story

Permanent Makeup for Alopecia  / Susan’s Story

When you experience alopecia

, says Susan Hunter,* “there comes a point, after you handle becoming medically o.k., where you don’t know where to go next.” After struggling with alopecia as well as other auto immune diseases, Susan describes victory over her health, only to face a carpet bag of disconnected advice on how to regain eyebrows, hair, and eyelash beauty.

Finding a great wig was the easiest. Susan’s research skills landed her with William Collier in Seattle, one of the top experts in wig making. They came highly recommended by other alopecia patients, and for Susan, the results were stunning. Still, six months later, as she sat in her dermatologist’s office having the results of an injection in her eyebrow area checked, she realized that her facial hair was not coming back. Only a couple of hairs had resulted from the injection, so she knew she had to look into alternatives.

“My doctor had no way of knowing who to go to for permanent make-up tattooing, so I logged onto  to see who was recommended. All I read was how many of these procedures did not go well.” Adding to her frustration, the permanent make-up tattoo artists she found on the Internet did not have pictures that showed eyebrows or eyeliner that looked, in her opinion, natural. “I saw so many women who ended up with single line eyebrows!”

As a last resort, she called the people at William Collier back, and they immediately recommended Pam Neighbors. “When I went on her site---what a difference! The pictures of her work really sold me. The permanent make-up eyebrows looked real. Eyebrows are so much of facial expression that I didn’t want to be without them, so I started there.”

Impressed by the fact that Pam offers a consult first, Susan took the first step. “That consult sold me on Pam’s expertise and on Pam herself. She tries to figure out your lifestyle and what look you want, not what she wants or some formulaic way of tattooing eyebrows. She draws them on first, so you can see how they will look, and again, the pictures of her previous work really makes you trust her.”

Most importantly, Susan perceived Pam’s passion for what she does. “I would advise anyone with alopecia---even people without it---to find someone who does this procedure a lot, who has multiple pictures of their work, and who has a real passion for what they do. This is Pam’s passion, and she is so relaxed and chatty while she does it that it just makes you feel at ease.”

Thrilled with her new eyebrows, the real test of Pam’s work came at Susan’s next doctor’s appointment. “That is the some of best work I have ever seen,” he declared. A year later, after hot flashes forced her to treat her face “like a Barbie Doll---I couldn’t touch my face when I had a flash or my eyeliner would smear,” Susan went back to Pam for permanent eyeliner.  The results were equally as beautiful.

For an Alopecia survivor

finding the right permanent make-up artist can be life changing. When she talks about waking up next to her husband now, Susan says “let’s just say---[her voice breaks]---when I wake up in the morning, I do not feel like a blank slate. It was worth every penny.”

Susan chose a pseudonym for her business considerations.

Alopecia: Permanent Makeup for Alopecia

Expertly applied permanent eyebrows and eyeliner can break the cycle of stress for alopecia patients and help them regain confidence during or after treatment.
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